Top Item for Seeing Thailand

Thailand is the most-visited place in Asia, and there is good reason for it. With its clean beaches, fantastic Thai food and ancient culture, it has a lot to offer tourists who are looking for a great vacation. Along with your mosquito repellant, sun screen, a photocopy of your travel documents and proper clothing, your … Continue reading

Thailand Tours

Thailand has been a top destination for travelers for years. It offers a wide range of activities and experiences with excellent food, fantastic beaches as well as mountains, good climate, and cultural heritage. People have been living in the region for more than 40,000 years, and in the first century, it was heavily influenced by … Continue reading

Thailand Culture and Current Events

After reading our post on popular islands and its best beaches in Thailand, a friend asked about travel to Bangkok and the beaches.  His concern was with the current political unrest in Thailand, detailed almost daily by The New York Times’ coverage of Thailand. Should he go or stay away?   When will it end?  Is this normal for Thailand? Fair questions. First … Continue reading

Beaches close to Bangkok Thailand

Some of the best beaches in Thailand are close to Bangkok. Some are easily enjoyed within one day while others may require a weekend stay. One thing for sure is that there is one for every type of person here. They range from laid back resting spots to nightlife destinations that never sleep. Bang Saem … Continue reading

Popular Islands and Best Beaches in Thailand

Searching for the best beaches in Thailand, we learned to look first for the most popular Thai islands. Thailand has hundreds of islands and even more beaches. buy expiring domains So would the best beaches be on the on the most popular islands? It seemed logical, so we went down that path, and then ran … Continue reading

Popular Watersports in Thailand

Popular water sport activities include snorkeling, deep water diving, swimming, sunbathing on the magnificent beaches, paddling along the rivers, and bathing in natural hot springs. Other fun activities are jet skiing, wind surfing, sailing, fishing and boating in different types of rental boats including speedboats and “longtails”. Another way to enjoy all the beautiful water … Continue reading